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A .pdf handbook of birds at Edwards Air Force Base (not specifically Piute Ponds) is available by clicking this link. Please be patient, this document is 7 megabytes.


Birding Third Page (Page 1, Page 2)

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Sue Liberto's photo of a Wilson Snipe
on January 20, 2013

Yellow Legs

Sue Liberto's photo of a Yellow Legs
on January 20, 2013

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Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron photo by Todd Battey

Great Blue Heron eating African  Clawed Frog by Kevin Eastham

Great Blue Swan

Tundra Swan photo by Don Davis on January 12, 2013


White Faced Ibis Feeding at Piute Ponds by Kevin Eastham



Northern Harrier






Pelican Group

Flock White Face Ibis by Kevin Eastham

Who, who, who is in the tree???
Photo by Kristine Ashton-Mangunson taken 12/29/12 at Friends Pond


For more Birding Photos go to Birding Page 1 or Page 2