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Hunting Information

Duck Hunting Season 2018

All hunting registration and harvest data is now managed by the EAFB iSportsman site. Follow this link to get there: https://edwards.isportsman.net/

The Federal hunting season opens in October. For more detailed information about hunting regulations go to: https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/Hunting/Waterfowl#877768-regulations.

The Hunting History of the Ponds

Hunting at Piute Ponds is as old as the ponds themselves.  Prior to the development of the Ponds as we know them, Amargosa Creek, flowed from the San Gabriel Mountains into Rosamond Dry Lake.  The water table was near the surface and artesian springs were common. A photo of the area in 1953 can be seen on http://www.historicaerials.com/ (type in Rosamond, CA and pan east) once at the southern portion of the lakebed zooming in will show up the water in Amargosa Creek.  Several duck hunting clubs were active in the area and had developed ponds from the water in the area in addition to using the naturally ponded areas caused by Amargosa Creek and the clay pans during rainfall and flooding events. As development increased in the Antelope Valley the Sanitation District 14 took advantage of the natural drainage offered by Amargosa Creek and used this to flow Lancaster’s waste water into. Over time a need to prevent the increased overflow from flooding Rosamond Dry Lake was needed and a dike was built along Avenue C starting the development of the ponds as we know them today.

Today approximately 100 hunters (primarily affiliated with the base) use the Piute Ponds area yearly during waterfowl hunting season (Oct to Jan). During hunting season birding, and other recreational activities are not allowed on Sunday, Wednesday, and federal holidays. 

The new state hunting regulations can be found at http://www.dfg.ca.gov/wildlife/hunting/ or at most sporting goods stores. Hunting will be open Sunday, Wednesday, and federal holidays (split seasons have special rules - check your base hunting regulations).