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Every year Kristie Grubb’s class (first she took first graders and now she takes second graders) goes several times to Piute Ponds.  She takes her class to experience wetlands first hand.  These children, who come from a desert environment, have rarely if ever seen a marsh or the birds and other wildlife associated with it.  Through the different seasons of the year Kristie guides her young scientists through the world of wetland ecology and the changes that the seasons bring to a marsh.  The children’s observation skills are apparent as they draw and write what they have observed once they return to the classroom. 


In 2014 Lizzie drew this pictue in art class after visiting Piute for a Science Lab. She is a 2nd grader. We hope she remembers this for the rest of her life.

A former Piute Ponds young science student (now a middle school student) wrote a letter about his experience. To read the letter, click here.

Botanist Interview

“I used Piute Pond on a regular basis to enrich my class curriculum with amazing results. My job has since changed, but I recently worked with some of the students I had in 2003, and they shared comments about that year. They reported that they "remembered everything about Piute" and that "that was the best year they had in school." The opportunity to connect the classroom curriculum with "real" science through Piute Pond makes it an invaluable resource to our local schools. It also provides another way to connect to our community beyond aerospace, and to link to a part of our desert environment most people are unaware of.”  Piute Ponds poll, 2008.

The Mojave Environmental Education Consortium (MEEC) has developed wetland education kits for use at Piute Ponds.  These kits are available for teachers when taking classes to the area.  For more information click here: