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Renovating the Ponds.

Ducks unlimited has renovated, constructed/installed new water control structures, culverts, and dikes that will allowus to flood ponds that haven't been used in years. Plans are being developed to renovate Little Piute in 2014.

Commemoration of the Piute 2012 Restoration Project photos:

Col. Hoff addressing attendees.

Col. Wallace looking his "decoy of appreciation"
in the face.






Wayne Nygaard, standing in for his wife
as the President of the local chapter of Ducks Unlimited.

Chris Hildebrand representing
Ducks Unlimited

2012 Tree Harvest and Planting Project

On June 22 and 23 (Friday and Saturday) volunteers harvested over 7,000 saplings from the Prado basin area and planted them at Piute. This was a big job and needed a lot of helping hands and willing spirits.

tree harvest 1

Hunters Preparing to harvest

To go to the Ducks Unlimited website, click here.


Hunters Preparing to harvest

100 Saplings per purple bag

IN-N-OUT Burger donated the potato bags we used that day.

Loading them up for the trip to Piute Ponds

Almost done and still smiling.

Pasadena Audubon Society Volunteers prepare to plant the trees.

Ducks Unlimited and Volunteers from Vandenburg AFB

Eagle Scouts help with planting at Piute