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Tree Swallow by Todd Battey



Vermillion Flycatcher by Todd Battey





Trumpeter Swan by Todd Battey

Yellow rumped warbler

Tundra Swans and Northern Harrier

golden eagle flying

vermillion Flycatcher perched


vermillion flycatcher flying


Great Horned Owl by Kevin Eastman
Pelicans in Flight  

Virginia Rail bird spotted at Piute Ponds


Great Egrets in Flight



Forester's Tern

Avocets In Flight

Black Crowned Heron




Black Necked Stilts


To post rare sightings from Piute Ponds on this site please contact Misty Hailstone at Misty.Hailstone.1@us.af.mil.



Heron tree at Piute

The Heron Tree photo taken July 2, 2912 by Wanda Deal


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